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Court Reporter Voice Amplifier (Hearing Aid Sound Booster)

  • Court reporter hearing aid microphone
  • Portable voice amplifier for court reporters
  • Court reporters hearing aid device for amplifying voices in a courtroom

Court reporters have been using the Hi-Gain hearing aid device for over 12 years now, giving them the power to hear even the softest talker. 

The unit amplifies voices far and close to the court reporter while reducing background noise. Ideal for one-on-one conversation, small-group depositions and courtroom court reporting, or any time a court reporting needs help hearing.  Simply plug in your earpiece, position the microphone near the preferred sound, adjust volume to your comfort – and start listening. 

"This is a God sent for any court reporter, young or old. Especially helpful when witnesses and attorneys are soft-spoken or refuse to speak in your direction, every sound is picked up. I am going to order a second one just so I have a spare. Blase CSR Court Reporter" 

So if you have been losing your hearing overtime and now it to the point that you are finding it hard to hear in the courtroom or deposition try our great product. 

The device itself is as small as a pack of cigarettes and very discreet. Simply place it on the desk in front of you and amplify your hearing by 10 times. 

The court reporter hearing aid Hi-Gain Aid includes a super sensitive microphone that picks up voices 75 feet around you.

It has a full range volume control, allowing you to "dial it in" to your perfect sound level. Two AA batteries provide 100 hours of usage and rechargeable may be used. 

Limit 2 per customer.

Now has a 3-way equalizer so you can adjust the bass, and treble for comfort. 

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Pickup Range:
75 feet
Headphone Jack Size:
3.5mm (1/8")
Headphone Jack Type:
(2) AA
.66in X 3.54in X 2.2in

  • Hi-Gain Talker
  • Stereo Headphones
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Product Reviews

  1. Great for elder hearing loss for Court Reporters 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 31st May 2017

    I bought this for dad to try, and he really likes using it to hear better at the dining table get-together's, to hear the TV without blasting, in church. He says it works great.

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