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Martel Electronics Award GSA Federal Contract

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Follow link here  Martel Electronics GSA Page:

On 11/11/2014 Martel Electronics in Yorba Linda was awarded a GSA Federal Contract  GS07F007CA for Police car Camera systems. We have worked closely with Law Enforcement agencies for over 58 years now and we always bring new technology to life at Martel. The GSA Contract can be used to buy any of our police dash cam systems. Who can use the GSA contract number? Any police agency in the US. Federal, state and even local agencies.  The contract includes One of the most popular CRIME CAM police body camera.

The police in-car video cameras Martel manufactures are world class. All design and engineering of the police car cameras are done here in California. Even the processors and boards are made in California. With our commitment to the best law enforcement video, we look forward to serving the police departments and the citizens of the world.  You can  learn more detailed information about Police in-car camera systems by following this link.

At this time we would like to thank the Federal Government and our loyal customers in the police agencies all across the United States for  making Martel Electronics a company they trust to buy from, year to year. Since 1957, that is over 59 years we have delivered cutting edge law enforcement video recorders.

The Federal Agents in charge of the award:


Michael V. Johns 817-850-8406 ; Cheryl J. Goff 817-850-8205