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The very unique standalone courtroom recording equipment package - DM246

Used by the New York Supreme Court.For many years a lot of courts have been trying to configure a court recording system through a PC running windows software. This type of software has many pitfalls, and running on Windows has many errors. These court room recording systems or courtroom voice recording equipment packages often times cost tens of thousands [...]

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​A digital dictation recorder for the modern law office.

We all know that analogue cassette tapes are going away this year. How does a lawyer choose the right digital dictation recorder. We are going to touch on this subject for the next couple minutes.There are a lot of digital recorders on the market today but only a few suit the law office environment. The most important thing that a lawyer [...]

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Dictation Recorder - How to choose the right dictation equipment

Picking the right dictation recorder can be a blessing, but the process can be a curse. Today there are so many choices, ranging from $40 to $600. So what's the difference between the recorders. We all know dictating on a digital dictation recorder is by far the easiest way to dictate, but most of the voice [...]

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Welcome To The New Martel Electronics Website! - Free Shipping on All Orders

Here at Martel, we've been wanting to make the user experience much more friendly for some time now. We offer a ton of products for court reporters, lawyers dictation recorders, medical transcription software and law enforcement, but those products weren't as easily accessible as we had hoped. That's all changed, we've streamlined not just our categories, but also [...]

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