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How Digital Dictation Recorders Work & How Digital Transcribers Work

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How does digital dictation equipment work and how efficient is it to use professional digital recorders from Martel Electronics?

Digital Professional Dictation Information

The Martel Professional Dictation System ensures that the dictation needs of business professionals like doctors and lawyers is met at all times, wherever work takes you. Success begins when your team puts their thoughts into words. Martel's digital dictation units combine the latest technology with simple-to-use interfaces to ensure your Executives resources are in perfect harmony with company workflows and tools – anytime, anywhere, for all business purposes.

Essentials of Professional Dictation

Martel's has been one of the world leaders for integrated audio solutions at the enterprise level for a long time. With over 57 years of innovation in the dictation recording sector, Martel's constantly stays one step ahead, developing dictation and transcription solutions today that ensure users are able to benefit from future innovations. With Martel's, you success never sounded better and made so much more money.

Essential of Professional Digital Dictation Recorders – How it works guide

Are you interested in what happens behind the scenes?

1.Each dictation device can be customized with the Lawyers ie (Author´s name, ID or similar. Now the system will know automatically who created a dictation and when (because the device has an internal watch, too).

2.The Martel digital dictation management software can be set up based on your organizational structure: An account can be set up for all authors, secretaries and transcriptionists. The workflow between these workers are defined. Because the software offers many options, the software mirrors your workflow, so the doctor or lawyer has no need to change your work style.

3.After a dictation is done and the dictation device is put into the docking station, the dictations will be downloaded automatically. Based on predefined workflow, the dictations can be sent automatically to a secretary or transcriptionist. The setting can be set to automatically erase the dictations from the device after downloading. Dragon voice recognition also is a added technology for lawyers today.

4.Secretary Transcription Kits: The secretary can listen to the dictations via special PC earphones and control the play back via a PC footswitch. Individual settings (tone, playback speed, automatic rewind etc.) are possible. The additional dictation information (i.e. author, worktype, dictation dates, dictation lengths etc.) allows the secretary to efficiently organize the work. Dictations have different process statuses (i.e. pending, finished). Finished dictations will automatically be placed in the finished tray and the dictation will be erased from the dictation recorders worklist. Secretaries/Transcriptionists are able to do transcriptions more comfortably and are more in control of their work. This will benefit the dictator (doctor, lawyer, business professional), too.

5.The finished document can be automatically sent to a predefined person (i.e. the original author). There are several possibilities to exchange dictations and documents between dictators and secretaries / transcriptionists: Network, FTP, email.

6.IT and Office Managers are also part of the concept: The whole software and single users can be easily setup, maintained and updated.

7.For more Information about Digital Dictation equipment and dictation solutions, give us a call at (800) 553-5536

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