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4 Reasons Police Dash Cams are Critical In Today’s Society

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In the last couple of year we have seen tension grow between police and citizens. This was due mostly to underlying issues with transparency. The citizens were not able to view footage taken from the incident, so often thought the officer was at fault.

The citizens began to stereotype the law enforcement agencies as being heavy handed or committing abuse.

The debate has raged on for years what side was at fault. This is the main reason so many departments invested into police dash camera systems. It was a cost effective step, and now they could document every interaction that agency had with a suspect.

Police dash cam systems can protect the police department from unwanted law suits and bad will.

The danger of the police routine stop: It's really important to emphasize that a normal police stop can easily end in tragedy. Everyday officers are gunned down by suspects when they are involved in stops. Naturally, force is need to subdue the suspects and the dash cams can document the correct use of it. If the officer is incapacitated in the incident, the in-car camera will reveal who responsible for hurting the them.

There are an estimated 900,000 sworn officers in the USA. Each and every patrol car should be outfitted with a police dash cam. So why do so many agencies not have police dash cams at their department. According to recent interviews, most departments think they are too expensive to purchase. This is a misnomer, since the average law suit against a police agency can total in millions and an in-car camera only costs a small fraction of that. A mere couple of thousand dollars.

The added benefit from police in-car video cameras: The cameras not only show how the citizens are abusing officers, but they can be used to train the officers themselves. Often the video footage is reviewed by supervisors to show the police officers what they are doing wrong. This creates a better police force that is capable of a higher degree of professionalism. We all benefit from this outstanding reason for dash cameras.

Police Officer Safety: All the studies show that having a Police in-car video cameras increase the impact of officer safety.

A independent witness: The American society is becoming weary of bad incidents happening without video evidence. Today only about half of the police vehicles on the road are equipped with video systems. We need to get them into all of the police cruisers as soon as possible.

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