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All N One Digital Audio Transcription Kit (Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8 Compatible)

  • Worlds best selling Transcription kit
  • Transcription kit usb 3 way foot pedal
  • Transcription kit headset
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If you're serious about digital audio transcribing and you spend more than 30 minutes a day doing this type of work, then this is your system. The All N One Kit is the most powerful wave transcriber available. Martel supplies you with special software that lets you transcribe almost every file format. 

Get total Control of your Case catylst, Eclipse, Stenocat or any other Court Reporting audio sync file. This scopist transcription kit allows you to slow down the difficult audio file by 75% Speed them up by 125% and even increase the volume level by 50%. With these advantages, this transcription kit will increase your productivity and decrease your work load. If you use an off site scopist you can e-mail them the .wav file and they can use this kit to transcribe your audio file.

The All N One Transcription Kit from Martel uses the most advanced digital audio processing. It was developed by a company with over 60 years of experience in dictation and transcription. By using the All N One transcription kit to transcribe your digital files, you position yourself to handle the widest selection of file formats.

Simply install on the typists computer and began transcribing just like you would on a cassette transcriber. Playback of the audio file is controlled by the footpedal, fast forward, rewind, pause, play. This computer transcriber application features variable speed playback (speed up or down), foot pedal operation, file management and more.

With these goals in mind, we believe we have produced the best package with the features needed for a PC based Audio Transcription kit today. 


Check out how many File types it plays!

  • wav (Wave)
  • mp3
  • mp2, vox, PCM, uLaw,
  • DSS Olympus, Philips, Lanier & Grundig (Dictation Speech Standard)
  • CD's format, music or voice if it plays in your stereo you can transcribe it.New Plays Iphones M4a Files
  • msv & dvf (Sony)
  • dct
  • ra & rm (RealAudio)
  • wma (Windows Media Audio)
  • au
  • aif
  • vox
  • pcm
  • adpcm
  • uLaw
  • aLaw
  • celp, SBC
  • dsp (TrueSpeech)
  • GSM 6.10
  • cda (Compact Disc Audio)
  • dct (encrypted dictation)



Digital Audio Transcriber
Hardware Requirements:
256MB RAM, 11MB disk space, 1GHz processor, Speakers or Headset, USB Port, CD/DVD Drive
Operating System:
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, OS X 10.5+
Supported Audio Formats:
wav, mp3, mp2, vox, PCM, uLaw, DSS, CD's format, iPhones M4a files, msv & dvf (Sony), dct, ra & rm, wma, au, aif, vox, pcm, adpcm, alaw, ulaw, celp, dsp, gsm, cda, dct
Variable Speed Control:
Adjustable Backspace Control:
Volume Control:
Volume Amplification Boost:
Re-configurable Footpedal:

  • All N One Transcription Software CD
  • Heavy Duty Footpedal
  • Transcription Ultralight Headset
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