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4 Way Microphone Splitter

  • Worlds only custom made 4 way microphone splitter y cable
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Allows you to connect 4 Microphones into 1 input jack on a professional portable conference recorder.  This microphone connector is triple shielded against interference. The XLR connectors or commonly know as cannon plugs ensure a tight secure fit into the microphones connection.  This connector is guaranteed to be free from defect. So if you are looking to connect 2 xlr microphones into 1 input jack on a meeting recorder this is your connector. Martel manufactures this connector the slitter has one male and three females.  You can only find this microphone connector at Martel's website. As your meeting recorder package starts to expand you often need to add more microphones to pick up more people in your court room or conference setting. So who needs a connector like this, court reporters, City clerks and anybody who is recording meetings work conferences. The biggest question people have is that when using a connector, does the quality of the recording go down. There're two answers for this, if the connector is made up high-quality cabling and solder correctly there will be no loss of signal equality. If the Cable is not a good quality you can lose have to 50% with each microphone introduced into the connector. The way we have set up the connector is so you can use three separate conference microphones and able to plug into one microphone input. This allows you to add three microphones for per each microphone input on the digital recorder. This form of connector is called a parallel connector. In parallel connector is the simplest form I'll connecting microphones to a digital recorder. So if you were using a professional Digital voice recorder that has XLR inputs, this microphone connector will work perfectly for you. The brand of digital recorders that this connector is compatible with are as follows: Marantz, Deno, Roland, Sony, Olympus, Edriol. If I didn't mention your brand you can always look on the side of your recorder and see if your microphone input jack has three little separate holes. This will signal to use that this connector isn't XLR input in this letter is compatible for you.


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