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4 Channel 4 Wireless Microphone Transmitter Package -WIFIEARS- for Courtrooms and Court Reporters

  • 4 Channel wireless microphone system for Court Reporters audiosync recordings
  • So Small and convenient with small microphone on top of wireless microphone transmitter
  • 4 - Court Reporter wireless microphones are including in this package
  • Example use of the Court Room Wireless microphone 4 system
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Finally, easy 4 microphone wireless system made for the Court Reporter needs! The 4 Wireless microphone package has 4 independent transmitters that can be placed anywhere in the courtroom or deposition. Finally back in-stock. Allow 2 weeks for delivery. New Over 10 hour Rechaable battery pack built in the transmitter. Perfect for all day in the courtroom. 

Here is how it works, you receive 4 wireless microphone transmitters that can be dropped anywhere you cant run a wired microphone. Next you have 4 little receiver boxes that are synced to the 4 wireless transmitters. You plug those receiver units into you microphone socket on you laptop or digital recorder. We provide everything you need, include rechargeable batteries for the wireless transmitters which last 6 hours continuous. The small receiver packs run on ac adapters we provide. 

These microphones are wireless and have no cables attached to them. This is a perfect wireless system for courtrooms or any hard to hear conference room with allot or people in attendance. 

The wireless transmit the audio back to 4 small receiver box that can be hooked into a computer or writer or digital recorder for recording. At the same time you can real-time monitor the audio through you headphones. 

The best High Gain Wireless Microphone and Monitor for Courtroom/Deposition use - drop a 4 wireless microphones anywhere in the court & hear clearly what is being said by the judge, witness, and attorneys. Now you have enough wireless microphones to cover the entire courtroom. 

This 4 channel wireless microphone system is a dream of most court reporters for years. A comparable systems that can have 4 microphones and 1 receiver can cost you as much as $4000. We offer the 4 wireless microphones with transmitters and 4 receivers for the unbelievable price. If you bought each kit separately you would spend $4000 for this package. This is a limited time offer.


Package includes:

  • 4 Martel Wireless microphone transmitters
  • 4 Martel wireless receiver for connection to steno writer/laptop/digital recorder
  • 4 spare extra lapel clips microphones for technical witness while they are walking around the courtroom 
  • Martel Telephone support for life of the product
  • 4 Long lasting rechargeable batteries and charger
  • 4 ac adapters for the receivers
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